• Dow-Key has vast experience in designing and manufacturing matrix solutions with excellent performance. We are experts in custom designs – from small 1RU design to full integrated 19″ rack solutions – and we offer many different types of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solutions as well. If you cannot find what you need, contact Technical Support to speak to an engineer.

  • Waveguide RF switches are electromagnetic switches with hollow circular or rectangular cross-sections and are used for routing RF energy in microwave communications, broadcasting, and in radar applications. Waveguide switches can be used to transfer both power and communication signals, and the bandwidth of a waveguide is in relation to its size, and thus always referred to by its size (e.g. WR112, WR90, WR75 etc.). Compared to coaxial RF switches, waveguides can route extremely high power signals over a narrow bandwidth at low to high frequencies, and now Lightweight Waveguide series is available.

  • Dow-Key® Microwave offers a new option to their coaxial switches families – the Low PIM option which will improve Passive Inter modulation levels from -110dBc (standard switch) to -160dBc.

    Low PIM RF switches are specifically designed to meet low PIM performance levels. Dow-Key Microwave’s coaxial switchesfamilies – Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is referred to distorted signals that occur when two or more signals in passive components contribute to non-linear response. PIM is a concern in particular when two or more transmitted signals share a common antenna or multiple base station transceivers are at the same site.

  • An electromechanical switch made primarily for routing microwave signals/RF energy from one point to another within a transmission line. Coaxial RF switches can be used in either an industrial environment or in the lab. These electromechanical devices are also used for RF testing equipment and in large RF communication systems and networks. Coaxial switches vary by port configuration, switch type, maximum frequency, isolation, insertion loss, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and package type. Coaxial RF switches are able to route RF signals over a broad bandwidth from DC to 40 GHz.

Dow-Key Microwave Corporation是世界上最大的射频和微波应用的机电开关制造商。Dow-Key专门设计和制造定制、高性能同轴开关、波导开关、高可靠性(空间)开关。同时,也致力于射频开关矩阵的设计和制造,如机电开关矩阵、固态开关矩阵,以及系统集成、可编程衰减器等。因此,产品在国际上被商业、军方和政府客户广泛应用,包括空间(运载火箭、载人车辆和卫星)、电信、自动化测试设备(ATE)、航空电子设备、地面卫星通信和广播。